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▪ Not only do we have to stay inside because of Covid-19, but there may be fewer soaps to watch: ITV has announced and will suspend production and the BBC has suspended filming on dramas such as , , and .

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Mastering The New Normal
It’s unexpectedly cheering to find that the Government and Opposition initially squabbled furiously about how to run a reduced but still accountable Parliament. For all that people say this is no time for politics, it’s important to keep its motor in
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Syrah On A Shoe-string
If you like pinot noir, try the $20 syrahs from the 2018 vintage in Hawke’s Bay. Crafted for early enjoyment from the same grape the Aussies call shiraz, these fragrant, supple reds from a warm growing season that suited this traditional, late-ripeni
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Out In The Wash
Many people have tired, heavy eyes by the end of the day, but they assume there’s nothing they can do about it. According to Dunedin ophthalmologist Dr Logan Mitchell, they may be surprised at the difference basic eyelid hygiene can make. It’s not co