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Dying to know

’ve written previously that our personality can predict our chances of shuffling off this mortal coil, but only to the extent that if you are, for example, unconscientious, it means that your chances of dying on any given day are higher. I want to know whether I’m going to die in a month or a year. This is a great question

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Despite commitments to achieve gender equality in global health governance, only 3.5% of 115 taskforces managing the Covid-19 pandemic have achieved gender parity, a Cambridge University study found. In the 87 countries surveyed, 81% of taskforces we
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Hard Yards
Among the collected wit and wisdom of the late Gordon Hunter, an All Blacks selector and assistant coach under John Hart, was this: “The ammunition you provide is the ammunition you get shot with.” Right now, it seems as if NZ Rugby (NZR), having dis
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