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The white stuff

Sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot gris dominate our white-wine consumption. But don’t miss out on the wines from several other highly distinctive grape varieties grown here. In Europe, they are celebrated as regional classics.


Coopers Creek Select Vineyards Bell-Ringer Gisborne Albariño 2019

Fresh, lively and full-bodied, this wine has strong citrusy, peachy, spicy flavours and a dry, finely poised finish. Although age worthy, it has great drinkability in its youth. (13% alc/vol) $22

Nautilus Marlborough Albariño 2019

Invitingly scented, this vibrantly fruity, gently spiced wine is mouthfilling, with a slightly salty streak and a crisp, dry, persistent finish. A great all-purpose wine. (13% alc/vol)

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