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ew West Wing intern Hayley Chill is told early on by the doomed White House chief of staff to trust no one she meets at the centre of US power. And as one who has had more tough knocks than most, this young army veteran with boxing chops, yet with the blonde looks and blue eyes unfolds and more of those in the West Wing and senior players in Government prove to have their own agendas, even the sanguine 25-year-old is surprised by what she finds. But she keeps her cool and when the time comes steps in to protect the US President. Chill is reminiscent of ‘s Lisbeth Salander – she never gets too close to anyone, is highly intelligent, is unfazed by having to do what needs to be done and is extremely observant about the dangers of her environment. It’s an engrossing read if you are interested in the whole “deep state” thing and like to see an underdog do well. Los Angeles screenwriter-author Hauty adds enough plot twists to keep you on tenterhooks until the very end. Apparently, 20th Century Fox has optioned the TV rights already.

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