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Taking up the cause (and effect)

harlie Brooker’s may have been fuelling our techno paranoia for a good many years now, but he’s not the only one who wants to pose tricky 21st-century questions about technology and the effect it is having on our

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New Zealand Listener2 min gelesen
The Dreaded Autocorrect Disaster
I once had such an awful autocorrect spelling episode that I considered buying a quill and ink and swearing off communications technology forever. I was emailing the golfer Phil Tataurangi, whom I was wanting to interview as part of my research for a
New Zealand Listener2 min gelesen
An Ocker shocker
In Kate Mildenhall’s fast-paced and all-consuming novel THE MOTHER FAULT (Simon & Schuster, $38), the Australia of the future is chillingly believable. It’s a world where sea-level rise, extreme storms and climate refugees have become dismal reality.
New Zealand Listener3 min gelesen
The Spring Of Our Reconnect
It has been the winter of our disconnect. We have watched people fighting to own toilet rolls and populist leaders prescribing bizarre remedies to outwit a virus. Covid-19 was never a simple choice between cake or death; it was about the political an