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Good for a Laugh! LIVE AT THE APOLLO Three, Thursday, 9.35pm


. As we noted last week, the Muslim community doesn’t mark anniversaries, although it has since been reported that it has reluctantly given its blessing to a remembrance service in Christchurch’s Hagley Park today. Mike McRoberts and Sam Hayes will be covering the service live and Patrick Gower and Annabelle Tukia will have reaction afterwards. The memorial service will also be livestreamed on TVNZ OnDemand from 2.30pm, and over on TVNZ 1, with Jack Tame () devotes the programme to the anniversary () from Christchurch. Then on at 7.30pm, there is an item featuring Al Noor Mosque’s imam, Gamal Fouda, who so movingly addressed thousands of people in Hagley Park a week after the shootings.

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