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We’ve heard a lot about our public broadcasting heritage this year, but most of us have probably forgotten the greatest physical manifestation of that

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New Zealand Listener5 min gelesen
Hive Talking
Do bees dream? That sounds like a da question to ask an eminent entomologist. Phil Lester, a professor of biology at Victoria University of Wellington, is delighted to be asked. He did, after all, pose that very question in his new book, Healthy Bee,
New Zealand Listener3 min gelesenCrime & Violence
The Sport Of King
There’s a moment near the end of docudrama Friend of the Friendless where the actor playing celebrated criminal lawyer Greg King takes a call. “Yeah sorry, mate, I’m very busy,” he tells the caller as he steps out of the room from a discussion with h
New Zealand Listener4 min gelesenPolitics
For Whom The Polls Toll
I’m slightly bewildered by the plethora of minor parties running in this election campaign. Who are the New Conservatives? What happened to the Old Conservatives? What is Advance NZ and is it implying we are going backwards? There is the Opportunitie