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■ The 2020 ANZ Premiership gets under way this weekend with 2019 champs the Central Pulse taking a stack of pre-season form into the. Straight after that it’s an Auckland derby with the Northern Stars at home to the Northern Mystics . On Monday, the Southern Steel host the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic .

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New Zealand Listener5 min gelesenMedical
Put To The Test
Scientist Anne Wyllie fully realised the gravity of Covid-19 only when young, fit athletes started producing harrowing test results usually associated with old and seriously ill patients. Some of the sports stars she’d tested for the virus were asymp
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The Sport Of King
There’s a moment near the end of docudrama Friend of the Friendless where the actor playing celebrated criminal lawyer Greg King takes a call. “Yeah sorry, mate, I’m very busy,” he tells the caller as he steps out of the room from a discussion with h
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Tell Us The Terms
New Zealanders are weathering with a great deal of patience the protracted uncertainties of a pandemic – but they shouldn’t have to endure uncertainty from political candidates. Being in uncharted territory with Covid-19 doesn’t excuse our politician