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Solo Outing
CHRONICLING WHAT HAPPENS to Boba Fett and the captive Han Solo during their journey from Cloud City to Tatooine between The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, new comic War Of The Bounty Hunters was initially conceived by Charles Soule when
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Team Changes
MARVEL’S 2021 SUMMER crossover imagines a world where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes never existed (at least not in the form we know them) – where Tony Stark never built Iron Man armour, Wakanda is dismissed as a myth, and Thor despises hammers. Written an
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Safer At Home
RELEASED 3 MAY 2021 | 15 | Download One for the Covid-19 conspiracy theorists, this off-brand Zoom-call thriller, set in a police-state LA in 2022, suggests the future is even bleaker than we thought. After having to cancel a trip to Vegas, Evan find