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To be fair, it’s a mixed bag for everyone this week. For you, there could be an issue to do with a friend. Maybe you’re being a little bit harsh on them, or vice versa. Best case scenario is that you’re having too much fun together and there is a bit
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The Buzz About … RAG’N’BONE MAN
Back in 2016, Rory Graham, aka Rag’n’Bone Man, made his mark thanks to the release of his moody ballad‘Human’. The track, and his debut studio album of the same name, were huge. Hits including ‘Skin’and‘Giant’followed and to top off a stellar couple
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Jessica Simpson ‘Why I Ditched The Scales’
Her weight has been the subject of much fascination and scrutiny in her 20-plus years in the public eye, but Jessica Simpson no longer cares what the scales say – so much so, she’s thrown them out! The 40-year-old recently opened up about her body im