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The global consensus on social distancing makes it clear that this is not just the best practice but our only answer to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shutting down, regardless of the very real economic consequences for the poor, and in lieu of adequate testing capability, has been the Indian government’s response

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Nearly On Target
Time taken: Five months from the April 2009 outbreak Efficacy: 60-70 per cent Challenges: Doesn’t offer long-term immunity Time taken: Around two years from the 2014 outbreak Efficacy: 95-100 per cent Challenges: Acceptance and distribution in d
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Efficiency Or Undue Haste?
No. of projects MoEFCC examined for environmental clearances in virtual meetings between April and May No. of days currently taken to decide on environmental clearance, from 640 before 2014. The target now is to reduce it to 70-80 days Proposals the
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The Great Indian Vaccine Quest
To fight a war and win, Sun Tzu, the 6th century BCE Chinese military strategist and author of The Art of War, advises that you first know your enemy well. So, first let’s get to know Covid-19—the world’s Enemy No. 1 that has afflicted over 12 millio