Love is love

he recently released has got people talking about homosexuality again, thankfully in a positive way. It’s not as if Bollywood hasn’t touched it before. Arthouse products like (1996) and (2004) did bring it up. In (2008), an attempt was made to showcase queer relationships in mainstream cinema perhaps for the first time. But it was more of a spoof in the sense that both protagonists were pretending to be gay for material needs. Though in that film too the mother accepts her son’s choice. In the relationship was stated to be what it was. The good thing was that we were seeing a couple already in love. There was no backstory as to how they found each other. The director wanted us to purely see them as a couple. He then took the story forward. While the overall treatment can be said to be over-the-top, the message that parents should learn to respect the choices of their children was loud and clear. It also pointed out that while acceptance is what a gay couple seeks, mindsets aren’t going to change overnight.

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