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Welcome to the joint March and April 2020 issue of Asia-Pacific. Firstly, apologies for the joint nature of this issue. As you know, the travel industry has been

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Right Of Passage
We all put up with inconveniences to jet around the world – hurried walks across labyrinthine airports, onerous security checks and being crammed with hundreds of others into a small metal tube for several hours. Few of us, however, will have deliber
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Rodeo Ride
Calgary has been given a few monikers in its time, with Cowtown and Stampede City among the most common. For much of the year, walking the Alberta city’s neat grid of streets between skyscrapers in shades of beige and grey, the Rocky Mountains just a
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Air France A350-900 Business Class
BACKGROUND Air France received its first A350-900 in September 2019 and is set to take delivery of five more by the end of 2020. The first routes to be served were Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Bamako (Mali), Toronto and, from December 9, Cairo and Seoul. I