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Cool to be kind!

As parents we recognise the importance of teaching our kids to have good manners and be polite. But do we consider how crucial it is to educate them to be kind?

Not all children are naturally empathetic. While some display emotional intelligence from an early age, others don’t realise they are upsetting

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Over the TEACUPS
I have joined a gardening club and each week we have been having a competition for the best shrub. When I entered two pieces of fuchsia the other week, another member approached me and asked if she could have one as she did so admire it. Flattered, I
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To keep a scarf in place over your hair, place a narrow elastic headband inside the fold of the scarf, then tie the scarf ends back. – 2810 Sandflies can be a nuisance. To stop them in their tracks, make a lather of soap and apply to exposed areas. L