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Let’s Celebrate!
To celebrate Wills and Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary on April 29, pick up our madeleine baking pan in store from April 26 for just $2.50 with your weekly mag. See nowtolove. Subject to availability, while stocks last, in part
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Packet Cake Creations
Prep and Cook: 45 mins 430g pkt banana cake mix400g tub salted caramel frosting12 amaretti biscuitsBlack chocolate writing icing tube24 Milk Choc Melts24 candy eyes 1 Line a 12-hole muffin pan (/3-cup capacity) with paper cases. 2 Prepare cake mix
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Go With The Grain – Real Foods Corn Thins
Made from corn (not rice), Corn Thins products are not only healthy, gluten free and with only 23 calories per slice, but they taste delicious, like popcorn squished into a crispbread slice (available from supermarkets, RRP $2). Also try Whole Grain