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How We Test
As well as directly back-to-back testing wheels on the same terrain under controlled conditions, we managed to do some uplifts on DH tracks to accelerate ride time on these wheels. We’ve also had time on various test bikes with some of the wheels her
Mountain Bike Rider1 min gelesenAutomotive
The Bike
n All-mountain e-bike with a 160mm-travel Fox 38 fork and 150mm of rear travel n Carbon frame with air intake ports on the head tube for cooling n Powered by the latest 80Nm Yamaha PW-X2 motor and 600Wh InTube battery n Mullet design with 29x2.5in ty
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Hot Stuff
Troy Lee Designs’ first go at an open-face helmet was the A1. We thought it very comfy but a degree too hot and without space under the visor to park your goggles. Then along came the A2; it looked just as stunning and introduced some decent venting,