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Hope Valley
Who are you? I’m Kay Hutson, wife of Practical Caravan contributor Nigel Hutson. We are keen caravanners, and I’ve been touring with Nigel for the past 22 years. Why are you a local authority on Hope Valley? To me, Hope Valley, in the heart of Derbys
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Nissan Qashqai
NISSAN CAN CLAIM to have started the crossover revolution when it introduced the original Qashqai. In 2006, when the first generation appeared on the market, the idea of a hatchback with a more upright seating position and the styling cues of an offr
Practical Caravan4 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
THE PRACTICAL CARAVAN & MOTORHOME VIRTUAL SHOW 22-28 Feb 2021 UK DEALERS have a justified reputation for finding innovative ways to engage with customers – here’s the latest news from a selection around Britain. This Dorset-based firm stocks a range