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Before you start, take three deep breaths to help relax and calm your mind. Think about what you’re about to do and what you would like to achieve by doing it. There are all kinds of activities that’ll help shift you into flow. They tend to be activities that you enjoy

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This week in particular has seen me carb-loading like no other. I’m usually fairly disciplined during the week and leave the indulging to weekends but since I’ve been working from home, it’s become a free-for-all – and those kilos are creeping on. If
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Be wary! You could find issues coming between you and others about one’s level of commitment, whether it’s a personal relationship or a workplace-related one. Someone may be signalling that they’re not prepared to put up with things the way they’ve b
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Messy Love Triangle!
Three’s a crowd! Cole Sprouse recently got busted for hanging out with Kaia Gerber, despite being in a relationship with Lili Reinhart. ‘Lili demanded answers,’ a close friend says. ‘Cole swore up and down that there’s nothing happening between him a