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Remembering Hansie

The article about Hansie Cronjé’s sister, Hester Parsons (YOU, 27 February), was very sad but what she and her husband are

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Britney To Break Her Silence
BRITNEY SPEARS is set to lift the lid on why she filed a petition to have her father, Jamie Spears, removed as her conservator last month. The hearing, which is scheduled for 23 June, will mark the first time in years the Grammy winner has been able
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A story of friendship, trust and happy endings, set in Paris, the city of love. A young racehorse, named Paras, escapes from her stable in the French countryside and lands up in a park in central Paris where she meets a stray dog named Frida, a pair
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Winning Letter
I am not looking for sympathy when I tell you my family and I have been without power for more than five months. Our electricity situation is soon to be rectified and although it hasn’t been easy, we do realise many people are far worse off – and we’