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Gavin and Sarah Bisman’s lives were turned upside down in late January when their 4yo son Oscar was diagnosed with a severe form of Leukaemia. Unaware of their plight, I was catching up with friends around this time and pondering my next bucket list challenge, when the crazy idea to enter the 2020 Tarawera Ultramarathon (New Zealand’s biggest trail running festival) came up. An ultra distance race is typically a race of any distance beyond the standard marathon length of 42km. The most common ultra races begin at 50K and can span up to 100 miles (160km) long, lasting throughout the entire day (sometimes even the night). Usually, they take place on roads, trails, or tracks and often in beautiful, far-flung locations.

In all honesty, running is not really my jam. So why would I want to endure such an event? Ultimately, to see if I could! I have long been inspired by those who push themselves beyond perceived capabilities and my challenge bucket at the time was looking

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