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feel strong 3 ways to...

1 PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR THOUGHTS The way you think affects

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Good For You!
Yasmin Ibrahim, 49, from London ‘I realised my pelvic floor wasn’t working as effectively as it should be about eight years ago, but it worsened during the perimenopause, when I noticed leaks, especially during exercise. I started using Pelviva (fro
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If You Do One Thing This Week…
Do you have any used printer cartridges? Then you could net some cash by recycling them. You’ll find a number of companies online that will pay you for them. You will usually be able to easily check online how much you can expect to earn from the typ
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Take The Family To… Great Yarmouth
You don’t have to jump on a plane and travel halfway round the world to experience that oh-so-important family trip. Some of the best-hidden gems are right here in the UK, and more and more holidaymakers are choosing a staycation over expensive trips