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Cultural appropriation has been around since forever, except this time, everything is magnified thanks to retweets and

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Mega Man5 min gelesen
The Brothe Rs Incorp Orated
One morning, the entire country woke up and Ligo, the sardine product that has been a staple in every Pinoy pantry, was cool. We know this because our coolest friend has reposted them, and because our neighborhood sari-sari store still sells them. We
Mega Man1 min gelesenFashion & Beauty
Give the illusion of a longer silhouette with shapeless pieces Graphic shift dress by ROLAND ALZATE, Jacquard pants by ANNE KLEIN, Rhinestone necklace by KLAD JEWELRY and White stilettos by PARISIAN A lazy girl’s guide to chic, casual dressing? Opt
Mega Man2 min gelesen
Life As We Know It
We have to admit, it is extremely difficult and nearly impossible to keep a firm grip on hope these days, especially at time riddled with grim uncertainty. As of press time, we are just about to clock out of the second week of the state-mandated enha