Cycling Weekly

Cycling 24 April 1976

eing an Olympic year, much of the racing focus in this issue was on riders aiming for selection at the Montreal Games, from the Good Friday meeting at Herne Hill to the massive double-page spread bizarrely lavished

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Start Line 13.05
When we first sat down over a video call and started to discuss how we’d compile a list of 130 people who had changed cycling we figured it would be fairly easy. Five minutes in and we quickly realised the size of the task we’d set ourselves for this
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Squash And Black Bean Burritos
Waterfall says: “Burritos are one of my favourite things to eat – mainly because they’re so easy and so incredibly versatile… just pack them with all your favourite ingredients. This squash and black bean filling packs in 17g of protein in every burr
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130 Years Of Grub
These days a bike racer’s food is often as hi-tech as their drivetrain, but it wasn’t always thus. For much of the 20th century, breakfast might have seen you chowing down on a piece of steak, perhaps with some rice. And don’t forget a health-giving