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Indoor training has come into sharp focus in recent weeks as fewer and fewer of us go out to ride. Though our permitted one form of daily exercise can be taken outside, those who want to stay in and train now have more options than ever before. Our endurance might take a bit of a hit over the coming months, but the apps and training sessions available online provide plenty of scope for staying at least pre-peaking fit. Here we run through the options open to you and what each one is best for.

Equipment-wise, the easiest option is to invest in a direct drive smart-trainer. Although these aren’t cheap, with prices ranging from £650 to £1,200, you will be up and running in seconds. Connectivity is easy, they give a realistic ride

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As the end of our lockeddown summer approached, it was time for a personal stocktake: what had I achieved? I’d accrued a few dozen hours of aimlessly ambling around Zwift’s virtual parcours; I’d tried and failed to teach my daughters long division; o
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Shimano Grx Rx815 Di2 2x Group Set £1, 529.91 | 2.762g
The formative years of gravel riding were defined by the merging of technology from both road and mountain bikes. This was especially true with groupsets, which never quite offered the range and robustness that gravel racers were looking for. For yea
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Putting Us In The Picture
I think I have probably solved the mystery of the archive picture (CW, 10 September). It’s the Tour de France Mont Revard time trial on 10 July, 1965. Why do I think this is the case? In 1965 I was 20 and with my two friends, Ron Ford and Adrian Jone