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Kit And Caboodle
Along with the gun, we grow fond of our kit, every item chosen carefully to maximise our enjoyment of moor, marsh and covertside. Little has changed in the design. It worked for our forebears. It works for us. Sometimes it’s smart but often it’s batt
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Rural Locations – For Life Or Just For Lockdown?
ESCAPE to the country, that mustard cord cliché much loved by rural agents, is running wild as a sales pitch in the teeth of COVID-19. Town mouse dirty; country mouse squeaky clean. The hamster wheel of the London commute will surely have the cage le
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The African Trade Musket
THE growth of trade between European countries, particularly Britain, and Africa grew in quantity and importance throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Guns, particularly trade guns, would play an important part in this. Indeed, by the early part of