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You Wore It Well
Here I am with my cousin Val when we were both 17. I’m wearing a pink dress that had lots of petticoats, which I bought in C&A, and I had pink high heels to match. Val wore a pencil slim skirt and high heels. ✢ We’d love to see how great you looked i
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What’s That?
It’s the UK’s first at-home test for urinary tract infections (UTIs). Launched by Superdrug in response to a rise in UTIs during lockdown, the TestCard kit allows women to test for and treat UTIs at home. The kit’s innovative technology turns your sm
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New Read
From knitting to surfing, gardening to mountain-climbing – this motivational book is full of people’s stories about how they coped with depression. It might just help you discover the hobby that transforms, or at least brightens, your life. ■