Mornings with Jesus


A FRIEND WHO WORKED OVERSEAS in the Middle East recently returned home. When he visited our family, he gave us a box of dates—those sweet brown, fleshy fruits

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Friday, April 30
THE HAND-LETTERED SIGN SAID: “12-YEAR old female cat, declawed, free to a good home.” Hmmm. Why would someone who’d had a cat for twelve years want to give her up? Had the cat grown mean? Was the owner ill and no longer able to care for her? It was a
Mornings with Jesus1 min gelesen
Mornings with Jesus
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Sunday, April 18
FRIENDS, MAY I CONFESS TO you that I used to hate baseball and groaned when my oldest son decided to play? Never into sports myself, I reluctantly embraced my son’s natural athleticism, but baseball made me want to nap on the bleachers. Games seemed