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hen Karachi-based doctor and photojournalist approached the model for this impromptu

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A sign on an empty building in the West Bank city of Hebron declares, ‘this land was stolen by Arabs’. The notice was hung there by the Jewish residents of a nearby settlement, but similar signs proliferate across the region – Hebrew designations sup
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Les Misérables
directed and co-written by Ladj Ly 102 minutes Excited youths head for public screenings of the 2018 football World Cup final. Mass street celebrations follow. Everyone, black and white, sings the Marseillaise, identifies with the team and with Franc
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Star Ratings
Poverty in Palestine is on the rise, with rates increasing by more than 10 per cent over the past decade. Some 14% of West Bank Palestinians and 52% of Gazans live below the poverty line, and the pandemic is forecast to inflate these ratios to 30% an