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NORTH COUNTY It’s no surprise that this coastal area has a relaxed So-Cal vibe, and the restaurants follow suit. Check out Oceanside’s Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub for chef-centric sushi and seafood. A little farther south, Carlsbad’s Campfire brings the outdoors in with wood-fueled cooking, camping-inspired decor, and local ingredients. Solana Beach’s ALCE 101 is made for tequila-lovers and has the dreamiest garden patio..

CENTRAL If you find yourself in ritzy La Jolla, fuel

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GRANVILLE ISLAND The tiny peninsula under the Granville Bridge hosts Vancouver’s yearround public market and is crowded with culinary specialty shops and eateries. KITSILANO Beachy Kits has lots of vegan and organic picks plus neighbourhood joints an
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