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For some, the world is nothing but atoms and energy working mechanistically to produce all we see around us, but for others there is another layer of reality. For them the universe is imbued with magic – a magic that permeates everything and can be used by those with the right, often esoteric, knowledge.

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Key Events
3114 BCE Although hunter-gatherers have been in the area for about 8,000 years, Maya believe that our world was created in this year. 1800 BCE The first permanent Maya settlements are established in the Soconusco region that is now in the state of Ch
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The History Of The Devil
MARINA MONTESANO Marina Montesano is a full professor of medieval history at DICAM, University of Messina, Italy. Her books include Classical Culture and Witchcraft in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. JAN MACHIELSEN Dr Jan Machielsen is a senior lectu
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All About History
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