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While ceremonial magic used ritual to conjure powers, there was a whole tradition of magic that thought that the universe already expressed potent forces that, with the correct knowledge, you could use. Natural magic has existed for as long as humans have utilised nature for their good. To the natural magician, a herb that can calm a fever or sap that soothes the skin are performing wondrous acts.

In the ancient world, natural magic was the dominant form of magic. Writers like Pliny the Elder recorded vast numbers of ways in which nature could cure a person. While Cato the Elder prescribed cabbage for virtually any malady, Pliny was more specific. An ulcerated sore

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The Past
The marriage between Margaret Tudor and James IV on 8 August 1503 would be seen as the foundation stone for the unification that would occur two centuries later. Margaret was only 13 while James IV was 30 and had a history with many mistresses previo
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Scotland And England Had Not Unified?
What are some of the key events leading up to the union between England and Scotland? When Margaret, the Maid of Norway and uncrowned queen of Scotland, died in 1290, she had been betrothed to the future King Edward II of England. Had she not died, c
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The Possibility
The Scots Greys was a cavalry regiment that unusually carried infantry weapons such as muskets and pistols. The Greys most famous moment came at the Battle of Waterloo. Having missed the action at the Battle of Quatre Bras the night before, the Greys