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6 plants the slugs will bypass

Euphorbia palustris AGM

he zingy acid yellow flowers of euphorbias make a great addition to any spring and summer garden, and thanks to the toxic

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Amateur Gardening2 min gelesen
More Awards For Team AG!
AG once again proved it’s the cream of the crop when two of its writers bagged the top awards at gardening’s most prestigious ceremony. The Garden Media Guild annually hands out accolades in recognition of the year’s best garden writing, photography
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Why Every Garden Needs Cotoneaster
GOOD structure and plants that provide long-lasting interest are important for every garden. But in a small space this is even more crucial – only hard workers need apply, and few are more hardworking than cotoneasters. Or, for that matter, more dive
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Best Veg To Grow In ’21
CONTINUING my run-down of good homegrown vegetable choices from last week, using the EW King catalogue (but not exclusively), I’m going to start with parsnips. There are two contenders: the most popular commercial one is Parsnip ‘Panorama’ and the ot