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diagnosis of diabetes can be scary and isolating. There’s a lot to take in, and health-wise, things can change rapidly. In this issue, we speak to people who are

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Diabetic Living Australia6 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Turkey: Take Two
How our food works for you see page 73 START TO FINISH 10 MINS SERVES 4 (AS A LIGHT MEAL) 80g (¾ cup) 97% fat-freemayonnaise or gluten-free mayonnaise2 tsp Dijon mustard or gluten-free mustardFreshly ground black pepper125g shredded cooked turkey or
Diabetic Living Australia2 min gelesen
Coping With Cravings
A craving may feel like an urgent need, but it’s actually just a thought–one that you can choose to act on or not. When you notice a craving and label it–“I’m having a thought that I want cake”–it creates a tiny moment of pause between the urge and t
Diabetic Living Australia1 min gelesenDiet & Nutrition
Fats In Food
Meat: chicken skin, processed meats, mince, fatty meat cuts including marbled red meats Baked goods: cakes, biscuits, sweet and savoury pastries, pies Takeaway foods: pizza, burgers Fats: butter, cream, ghee, coconut oil, palm oil Avocados Nuts and s