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t’s that time of the year, when our inboxes are spammed with lingerie discount codes and pink e-cards featuring roses. It’s that time when many people ridicule (or dismiss) the relevance of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. Often, they will cite their own experiences with abundant ‘female

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Better Together!
The world of beauty might have only recently taken a shine to face rollers carved out of gemstones, but Chinese women (especially royalty) have been using them for ages. Contrary to what you might think, jade, amethyst and rose quartz rollers’ superp
Cosmopolitan India5 min gelesenScience
Why You Should be a Morning Person!
It’s pretty normal to want to be as successful as the likes of Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. And you may have read that they’re both fond of waking up early. Usually, that’s what these ‘all about-the-hustle’ type of personalities do. But is there rea
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“I let Susan Miller Run My Life For a Month”
“One week into January, I got laid off. Two days later, I was sued by an actual state after paying my taxes in the wrong one. My in-progress novel—which had been ‘for real, almost finished’ for a couple of years—was still (and possibly forever) in pr