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420: A History
FOUR-TWENTY. APRIL 20. 4:20 in the morning (or in the evening). The High Holy Day. No matter what you call it, everyone knows what 420 means today. But there was a time when the term was in its infancy, and those outside of the smoking circle were un
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High Times
FIND ALL THIS AND MORE AT HIGHTIMES.COM Since it’s tedious and expensive for law enforcement to distinguish hemp from marijuana, Georgia lawmakers want to instead punish everybody by re-criminalizing possession of small amounts of hemp. Under House B
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Colorful Whispers
IT WAS OCTOBER 2010. GORILLAZ were playing a show at Denver’s Wells Fargo Theatre in support of the Plastic Beach album. Joining Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn onstage were hiphop legends De La Soul, two members of the Clash (Mick Jones and Paul Si