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New platform connects Kiwis to experts

Voluntarily is a new volunteer-built web platform connecting Kiwis to experts for any service needed – and for free. The goal is to unite the country with

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How To Boost Your Online Presence
Many businesses still rely on offline transactions. Even in today’s digitised world, it’s not that uncommon at all. Whole industries are built from the ground up around face-to-face interactions. But the novel coronavirus has made that option untenab
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Rethinking The Way We Think Of Work: Productivity Versus Value Creation
With many leaders asking questions on how they are to ensure the productivity of a fully or partially distributed workforce, EY’s Stephen Koss, says this is the wrong question to ask. Sydney-based Koss, who is EY’s People Advisory Services workforce
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Supporting And Engaging Employees During Challenging Times
Employers have been put to the test this year, they’ve had to swiftly change the way they work, manage their employees and measure productivity. For years we have been talking about working from home and how it will play a central part in the workpla