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The Ike Dollar: A Symbol of Hope

A few months after the independence of Mozambique, my parents decided that it was no longer an environment for their children to live. Nevertheless, they decided to stay a little longer

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Strike Most Important in Nickel Grading
■ I’m learning it can be challenging to grade Jefferson nickels. What should I be looking for? Grading is usually based on the wear or condition of a coin; however, in the case of Jefferson nickels, the strike is paramount. Details are usually lackin
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New-Reverse Gold Eagle Gets July Release Date
On-sale dates have been sent for U.S. Mint sales of the 2021 gold proof American Eagle coins with a new reverse design. The 1- 1/2- 1/4- and 1/10-ounce coins will be available for purchase July 8. The new design was created in honor of the 35th anniv
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Mint Director Talks Dollars
The United States Mint facilitated a roundtable event for the numismatic press, led by Mint Director David J. Ryder, May 4. The topic was the 2021 silver Morgan and Peace dollars. The legislation, design and marketing processes were touched on, and p