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The other parts of the stomach

A cow’s stomach has four parts. The , described above, is by far the largest. The other three, although smaller,

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Leaf Analysis
Leaf analysis is the only technique according to which sensible fertilisation can be applied to a specific planting. The following aspects are important: • The correct time for sampling is from mid-September to mid-November. • The first leaf sample o
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Namibia’s Stringent Steps Against Cattle Disease
The Namibian beef export industry is so intensely regulated that it is virtually impossible for any meat contaminated by disease to leave the country. This was according to Thinus Pretorius, chairperson of Namibia’s Livestock Producers’ Organisation
Farmer's Weekly3 min gelesen
The Dog For The Stockman And How To Choose Him
Sheep dogs have been invaluable to stock farmers for many decades and even centuries. However, the dog must be able to work. This article explored the characteristics that a farmer should consider when choosing a sheep dog. When selecting a dog, two