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Unexpected developments might unsettle you. But a Jupiter-Pluto alliance should help you look ahead and see ways in which to capitalise on adjustments made by others. Don’t be afraid of being perceived as opportunistic. You’re merely making the most of a set-up created by those who haven’t yet realised just how clever you are.


21 APRIL – 21 MAY

You’ve been discouraged

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Perfect Strangers
aged six to 72, there we were, a household of five gathered around the light of our television set. That we were even watching a free-to-air broadcast in one room seemed primitive—we hadn’t done that in at least a decade. As Prime Minister Lee Hsien
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Reflecting on tussles within your personal life, you might feel bruised. However, you should tell yourself that you’re fast approaching a phase during which you’ll be better equipped to articulate thoughts you’ve had to suppress recently. And you sho
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To The Ends Of The Earth
At Singita Serengeti House, there’s no need to make small talk with other guests. The retreat, set in the private 350,000-acre Singita Grumeti Reserves bordering Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania, is available only to one party at a time f