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should I be worried?

Q My 13-year-old border collie, Charlie, has severe arthritis in his shoulders and hips. He doesn’t seem to be in pain but is stiff when he tries to get up. I was shocked that some vets told me to put

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Going Beyond
MARYANN GOGNIAT EIDEMILLER of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, didn’t consider herself an artist. She had never studied art and only dabbled in graphite drawing and clay sculpture before her career as a journalist took off. Maryann hadn’t drawn anything in
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Did You Know?
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Their Mysterious Ways
IT WAS COLD that Tuesday night in January, even for Butte, Montana. I was at my mom’s house, cleaning up after dinner, when my sister, Penny, called from Southern California. “I can’t believe there are no shepherds here for adoption,” Penny said. We’