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1 Rotortech rescheduled for October

2 RAAus to seek Regulatory Relief

3 Cessna runs Engines

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Australian Flying2 min gelesen
Pilots And Owners Buy Out Mooney International
A consortium of pilots and owners took over Mooney International last September after taking an 80% stake in the company formerly owned and controlled by Chinese interests. New CEO Jonny Pollack made the announcement after months of speculation that
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Approaching the Stall
Perhaps the most telling line in the final investigation report into the crash of Air France 447 over the Atlantic in 2009 is this one: The angle of attack, when it was valid, always remained above 35 degrees. The aircraft involved was an A330 carryi
Australian Flying2 min gelesen
Three-hour TAFs
On 5 November 2020 the aerodrome forecasts at ten major airports and eight military aerodromes will become your single, definitive weather forecast for these locations. Teams of specialist meteorologists will provide the most accurate and responsive