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Self-help books that can work for you

When life gets tough, it’s natural to seek guidance, and that’s when a self-help book can help. ‘Often when we are “stuck” with a problem or are unhappy, it’s because

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How To...
Science professor and entomologist Adam Hart shares his advice… ‘First, move away calmly in case there are other insects around. If it’s a honeybee sting then the stinger might still be in your skin – gently remove it by scraping it with a credit c
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On Yer Bike
One good thing to come out of coronavirus is a rise in cycling. Bike sales are up 200% as we avoid public transport and get more exercise. Cycling is one of the best things you can do for mental and physical health. And with lovely summer days loomin
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Your Hair Woes SOLVED
The goal Sleek and smooth The solution Lock in moisture Pick a lightweight cream that controls frizz without weighing hair down. Apply to wet, so more porous, hair with a detangling brush, then blow-dry. John Frieda Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smo