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I’m a normal kid, not some weird god of an HBP planet. I have been getting Muse for years! I miss Kokopelli, but the new Muses are pretty good. Whatsi is my favorite—I think it would be AWESOME to have bionic limbs! I LOVE Star Wars! I know all sorts
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DIRECTOR OF EDITORIAL James M. “X-ray Vision” O’Connor EDITOR Johanna “Clairvoyance” Arnone CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Kathryn “Weather Control” Hulick CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Tracy “Flight” Vonder Brink ASSISTANT EDITOR Emily “Shapeshifting” Cambias ART D
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A tall young man with striking features and thick black hair hunches over a piece of paper, pen in hand, eyes closed. He’s about to demonstrate remarkable and mysterious powers of the mind. The year is 1973, and the young man is Uri Geller. He’s app