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set up to help children realise their dreams. ‘I recently launched the Bophelo Foundation, of which I’m the chairperson,

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Family Security Apps
Apple iOS, macOS (free) Apple allows you to create a family care circle using its Family Sharing feature. Every Apple device requires an Apple ID to get set up, so you can now invite any other users to join by sending i
Good Housekeeping South Africa3 min gelesen
Can The Real Moms Please Stand ?
The thing is, I never wanted to be class rep in the first place. I wanted to get out of that stuffy classroom and drink wine with my girlfriends, but it had become evident that the teacher was not going to let us leave the meeting till at least two p
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The Goods
It’s been quite a change in mind-set not having to get dressed to go into the office each morning. I’ve been grateful for comfortable clothes, like my blue-and-white-striped cotton shirt from Miladys. It has a bit of a holiday feel about it too – a n