Woodworker's Journal

65 Years and Still Growing

ore than 65 years ago in a North Minneapolis storefront, Norton “Nordy” Rockler started a small company that mostly sold plywood. From that humble beginning, Rockler Woodworking and

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Tricks Of The Trade
When you pick up a hand plane, you probably check the blade setting before using it. I don’t. Instead, when I’m finished using a plane, I put it away with one shaving left in the throat. The next time I grab the plane, the shaving tells me exactly ho
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Black Walnut: Juglans nigra
Black walnut’s chocolate-brown heartwood and creamy white sapwood have made it one of the most sought-after North American hardwoods for centuries. The lumber machines easily and finishes beautifully. Many woodworkers treat it with the reverence of a
Woodworker's Journal2 min gelesen
Ernest Mitchell’s mystery tool from our February issue garnered only five guesses from you Stumpers sleuths. Despite the unusually light response, your speculations nevertheless lead us in two distinct directions. Keith Walton of Salem, Oregon, belie