Hugh Johnson

I live with the best cook I know. I have wine in the cellar. Why do we go to restaurants? You know the answer as well as I do. Entertainment; a different vibe; different dishes and wines – different cultures, indeed. There’s a room up the

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FIVE OF THE BEST Añejo tequilas
Tequila is often viewed as a spirit that should be slammed back in shots, but in reality the vast majority should be sipped and appreciated. This is especially true when you reach the older age categories of the spirit. Añejo (‘old’) tequila needs to
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Price Changes Your Enjoyment Of Wine, Researchers Find
New research has found people enjoyed a wine more when given an inflated price. Three Italian wines retailing at about £8, £25 and £50 were given to 140 participants in groups at a University of Basel open evening. Some people were given false prices
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Amarone’s Arch-enemies: Fatty Foods, Peppery Heat
The tannins in both ‘regular’ Valpolicella red wines (which are made using the same range of grape varieties) and Amarone are typically round and soft, and this softer extraction of the tannins is the main difference between Corvina and powerful grap