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Dancing with Life in a Time of Global Challenge

Dancing with Life in a Time of Global Challenge by Ron Baker. Photograph of a leafless tree next to a lake by Jake Colling
Photograph by Jake Colling

Times of disruption can provide opportunities that serve us — allowing us to transform challenge into meaningful new choices

As we move more deeply into this time of global quarantine, many people are feeling out of control, frustrated, trapped and unsure about the future. We are all being faced with situations none of us have learned to navigate in our lifetimes.

With a constant stream of negative images and statistics on our devices, an interruption of so many jobs, all combined with the knowledge that there is no cure available at the moment — it is all too easy to become overwhelmed, fearful and eventually even angry. Some people have been hoarding, while others have been shutting down and distracting, simply hoping that things will somehow return ‘back to normal’.

No matter what circumstances you may find yourself in at the moment, I have some good news.

With a little help, we can all learn to dance with life more effectively.

One of the most immediate ways we can do that at the moment involves evaluating the choices we have been making in our habitual lives most recently, followed by introducing some proactive, nurturing alternatives. If we develop a healthy approach, we can all utilize this time of challenge to set ourselves up for a ‘new normal’ — one that is more balanced and meaningful.

Quite often, the quality of our journey is determined by the specific perspectives that we choose. For instance, if our perception about challenges is that they are “difficulties which impede and diminish our life experience,” then we will likely find ourselves resisting, fighting and struggling through the challenges we are presently facing. 

If that perspective is familiar to you and you are finding yourself in and out of fight, resistance and confusion, I look forward to guiding you into

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