Holly Willoughby has announced she’s quitting Celebrity Juice

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Latest Gossip
Danny Dyer has revealed he needs to have surgery on his testicles due to a hydrocele – swelling on the scrotum. Chatting on his podcast, Danny said, ‘Basically one of them is like a f***ing jacket potato. For real. It’s one big b**l.’ Too much inform
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Royal Scandals
Sarah Ferguson married the Queen’s second son, Prince Andrew, in 1986, and divorced him in 1996. But, in 2010, a paper caught the Duchess of York agreeing to provide access to her ex-husband in exchange for £500,000. The Duchess apologised after call
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Fashion Royalty
Arriving on his first day at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, Prince William was certainly dressed the part in baggy, light-wash jeans, a casual shirt and an oversized sweatshirt. The single prince was yet to know he’d be graduating with mor