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Rumours have long swirled around Lenin that he had either an unrequited affection for or perhaps full-blown affair with Apollinariya Yakubova. Until recently, however, we didn’t even have a

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All About History4 min gelesen
Chocolate Museums
Located just a three-minute walk from Ciutadella Park, the Museu De La Xocolata traces the origins of chocolate and its importance to Mesoamerican cultures such as the Maya and the Aztecs, and how it was eventually brought to Europe by the Spanish co
All About History11 min gelesen
Secrets Of The Samurai
Of all the warriors of history, the samurai are some of the most iconic. The dramatic silhouette of their armour, the demonic snarls fixed on their face masks and the deadly sharpness of their blades are images well established in our minds even if y
All About History8 min gelesen
Battle Of Manzikert
When Byzantine emperor Romanos IV Diogenes assembled the imperial army in Anatolia shortly after he came to power on 1 January 1068, he was shocked at what he saw. The imperial standards were tattered and grimy, many of the infantrymen were armed wit