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Möngke Khan was a khagan driven by two dominant forces: plans and ambitions. His reign began in 1251, and he set about cutting a bloody swathe through his enemies, weeding out all opposition and threats. The purge was brutal and grisly, but it left his clan as the most dominant in the Mongol empire. Once his reign was secured, Möngke set his plans in motion — bringing about administrative reform to provide stability for his nation, helped hugely by a better-regulated tax system. All these reforms ensured that Möngke presided over a stable nation that could fill his armies with men for his campaigns across Persia. Möngke’s plans led his armies to Syria and China. However, there was one thing the great khagan did not plan for… his own death.

Möngke’s unexpected demise in 1259 brought his conquests to a screeching halt. To this day the true cause

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I believe my interest in Japanese history dates back to my teenage years and most likely began with the art. It’s possible that my entryway here was actually Japanese comics (or manga) and that somewhere from that I learnt about woodblock prints and
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Armoured gloves, these were a variation of kote that would sometimes extend to the shoulder. Made initially from cloth, they were then covered with numerous small iron plates in order to provide protection. Others were quilted with either the metal o